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CSV Order Importer

CSV files can be imported with the column names: barcode, name, qty


When using your spreadsheet software, simply save as a CSV (comma separated values)


barcode - this is the EAN 13 number of our item, formatted as a number with no decimal places eg. 5053737036090

name - this can be anything, and you can use your own names. It has no effect on the import.

qty - this is simply the quantity required. Please take care with packs items (such as hand flags) as a qty of 12 will be understood as 12 packs)


CSV files must only contain the columns: barcode, name, qty (in columns A,B,C)


Once your order is imported, you can continue to add items using the website or you can proceed to checkout.


Feel free to email us for examples of the required format, or to request a spreadsheet of our items (sales@theflagwholesaler.co.uk)

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